2.3.13. Check of blocks of back drum brakes

1. Block forward wheels, lift a back part of the car and establish on supports. Remove back wheels.
2. For check of wear of blocks of back brakes without removal of a drum get caps of viewing openings in brake boards. Examine forward blocks by means of a mirror, highlighting a small lamp. Make sure that thickness of blocks is not lower normal for what bring a bar to a slip of diameter of which it is equal to the extreme thickness of a slip (see subsection 2.1).
3. If residual thickness at least of one slip corresponds to standard value or exceeds this value, then replace all four brake shoes in a set.
4. If this way it is difficult to check thickness of brake slips or if more detailed check is required, then it is possible to remove brake drums and at the same time to check their state (see subsection 11.6).