2.3.14. Check of a condition of seat belts

All cars are equipped with next-to-skin seat belts with fastening in three points. Belts of front and back seats are equipped with the inertial coil, the average back seat is equipped with a next-to-skin belt of static type (without inertial coil) with fastening in two points.

1. Check existence of signs of a razlokhmachivaniye of a belt and other defects. Check also operation of locks and mechanisms of a tension of belts, an inhaling of bolts of fastening of belts to a body. Keep in mind that on all bolts fillets under eyes of buckles which provide freedom of rotation of buckles of a belt in all points of fastening to a body are provided. It is forbidden to grease uvulas of belts.
2. At detection of any signs of damages or if the condition of a belt casts doubt, the belt assembled with locks and buckles should be replaced.
3. If the car had an accident, then all belts which underwent loading it is necessary to replace without fail.
4. It is necessary to clear belts only soap solution which is not influencing material of belts. It is not allowed to apply the solvents, strong detergents painting or bleaching structures to cleaning. To dry belts only under natural conditions completely extended.