2.3.9. Check of covers of half shafts

1. Lift the car and establish on supports.
2. Turn a wheel against the stop and slowly rotate a wheel.
3. Check a condition of a rubber cover of the external CV JOINT for what move apart cover folds. Check existence of cracks, anguishes and signs of aging of rubber which can be the cause of washing away of lubricant and hit of dirt and water in the hinge. Check also a tugost and a condition of spring lock rings.
4. Repeat the same actions for the internal CV JOINT. At detection of any damages or signs of wear covers should be replaced (see subsection 10.4).
5. Check a condition of CV JOINTS at the same time for what holding a half shaft try to turn a wheel.
6. Then try to turn a half shaft, holding the internal hinge. Any notable side play indicates wear of shlits of the hinge, shlits of a half shaft or weakening of an inhaling of a nut of a half shaft.