12.8.2. Levers of a back suspension bracket


1. Lift a back part of the car and establish on supports.
2. Remove a wheel.
3. Turn off axis nuts (are specified by an arrow) levers on the nave case.
4. If levers change, then designate their situation, having applied tags on clowns of bolts of fastening of levers to arms of a body and on arms (clowns regulate a convergence of wheels).
5. Turn off nuts of bolts of fastening of levers to a body, get the clown and a bolt.
6. Remove levers (shooters specified nuts of bolts of fastening of levers to body arms). At removal remember an arrangement of bolts.


1. Check a condition of levers and plugs.
2. Levers change only assembled with plugs.


1. Install levers in arms and pass bolts, having established them in a former order.
2. Put on washers and wrap new nuts.
3. Insert an axis of levers from the back party of the case of a nave, dress washers and wrap new nuts.
4. Establish a wheel and lower the car.
5. Roll the car forward and back, shake up – down.
6. Tighten a nut of an external axis of levers.
7. Expose clowns on tags, check a convergence of back wheels and tighten nuts with the set moment (And – a negative convergence, In – a positive convergence, 1 – the right side, 2 – the left side).
8. If the convergence cannot be checked, then tighten nuts then address on car repair shop.