65637bd9 Fuel pressure regulator

The regulator of pressure of fuel is installed on the right side of the case of a butterfly valve.

Removal and installation

You watch precautionary measures in subsection 6.3.1 before work.

1. Before its removal, disconnect a wire of the negative plug of the accumulator.
2. Access to the regulator of pressure of fuel will be significantly improved if to remove the air filter (see subsection
3. Release pressure from fuel system (see fig. subsection
4. Release a collar and disconnect a fuel hose from the fuel pressure regulator.
5. Disconnect a vacuum hose from the regulator.
6. Turn off and remove two fixing screws, then, remove the regulator from the case of a butterfly valve and remove both sealing rings.
7. Installation is carried out upside-down removals.
8. At installation use new sealing rings.