65637bd9 Additional valve of air supply

The additional valve of air supply is located in front of the case of a butterfly valve.

Removal and installation

1. Before its removal disconnect a wire of the negative plug of the accumulator.
2. Walk along valve wires to the socket of connection and disconnect it.
3. Turn off two fixing screws, then, remove the valve from the case of a butterfly valve and remove laying.
4. If the valve needs to be replaced, it is necessary to get its wires from the connection socket.
5. If you do not want to disassemble the connection socket, the valve can be removed together with the device of increase in speed of operation of the engine in the mode of idling and an injector.
6. If it is necessary, after removal of the valve turn off fixing screws and divide two halves of the valve.
7. Check that the plunger of the valve went easily and quickly came back to a starting position under the influence of a spring.
8. If is not present, the valve needs to be replaced.
9. Installation is carried out upside-down removals.
10. At installation use new laying.