65637bd9 Potentiometer of a butterfly valve

The potentiometer of a butterfly valve is installed on the right side of the case of a butterfly valve.

Removal and installation

1. Before its removal, disconnect a wire of the negative plug of the accumulator.
2. Access to the regulator of pressure of fuel will be significantly improved if to remove the air filter (see subsection
3. Disconnect the socket of connection of a potentiometer of a butterfly valve.
4. By means of white paint or a marker make marks in the case of a butterfly valve and a potentiometer.
5. Turn off and remove two fixing screws, then remove a fixing plate and a potentiometer.
6. At installation, install a potentiometer on the case of a butterfly valve so that its lever was correctly installed from above the lever of an axis of a butterfly valve.
7. Establish a fixing plate, then, combine the marks made before removal and twirl fixing screws a little.
8. Adjust a potentiometer. For this purpose by means of the tester established on measurement of resistance check that resistance of a potentiometer was such as it is specified in subsection
9. If it is necessary, turn off fixing screws and turn a potentiometer.
10. When the potentiometer is correctly established, reliably tighten fixing screws and connect the connection socket.
11. Connect the accumulator and if it is necessary, install into place the air filter.