13.2.2. Upholstery of salon and rugs

Rugs are regularly recommended to be cleared by means of a brush or the vacuum cleaner in order that on them dirt did not accumulate. If on them there were spots, get rugs from the car for cleaning with use of a brush and soap, and before installation check that they were dry. Sitting and internal panels of finishing it is possible to keep clean, wiping them by means of a damp rag. If on them there are spots (which are more noticeable on light finishing), use a small amount of liquid cleaner and a soft brush to remove dirt from finishing fiber. Do not forget to keep head restraints clean the same as an upholstery of seats. When using liquid cleaners in interior of the car you do not apply too much liquid on the cleared surfaces. Surplus of moisture can get to seams or impregnate soft stuffing, to leave spots, unpleasant smells or even to cause rotting.

If you incidentally spilled water in interior of the car, it is recommended to dry up it, especially it concerns rugs. Do not leave oil or electric heaters in interior of the car for this purpose.