65637bd9 Engine and running gear


1. Check traction qualities of the engine, coupling work (on cars from the manual transmission), transmissions, differential and half shafts.
2. Note all unusual noise arising during the operation of the engine, inclusion / switching off of coupling and during the work of transmission.
3. Check stability of operation of the engine idling, lack of failures and breakthroughs at dispersal.
4. Check coupling work, – the pedal has to move to all length of the course smoothly, without jammings, the car has to start without breakthroughs, and the course of a pedal has to meet standard. Listen to the sounds made at coupling switching off.
5. On cars from the manual transmission check completeness, smoothness and noiselessness of inclusion of transfers, the control lever of the check point has to move smoothly, and at transfer inclusion accurately be fixed.
6. On cars with automatic transmission check smoothness of change of transfers, lack of breakthroughs. Between change of transfers turns of the engine should not increase in breaks. On the motionless car check the clearness of fixing of the selector of transfers in all provisions. At detection of any defects address to service of car service.
7. Slowly circling with completely turned out wheel, check whether clicks of "metal on metal" from a forward part of the car will appear. Completely turn out a wheel in other party and again listen. If metal clicks sound, then the half shaft hinge is worn-out. In this case the half shaft assembled with CV JOINTS should be replaced.