65637bd9 Check of work of brakes

1. Check uniformity of braking, – when pressing a brake pedal should not take away the car aside. By sharp pressing a pedal of a brake of a wheel should not be blocked prematurely.
2. When braking vibrations of a wheel should not be felt.
3. Check operation of the emergency brake. Wheels have to be blocked at rather small course of the lever. The emergency brake has to hold reliably the car on a slope.
4. Check operation of the vacuum amplifier of brakes as follows. On the idle engine press a pedal of a brake of 4-5 times to let in air, then without removing a leg from a pedal, start the engine.
5. After launch of the engine the pedal has to be displaced a little forward in response to increase of depression in the amplifier. In two minutes stop the engine. If now to press a brake pedal again, then from the amplifier hissing has to reach. After 4–5 pressing a brake pedal hissing has to stop, and the increased resistance has to be felt.