3.3.17. Cooling system

1. Broad tank
2. Holder
3. Cover
4. Arm
5. Top hose of a radiator
6. Laying
7. Outlet stopper
8. Rubber fastening
9. Hose of the oil heater
(is available not in all executions)
10. Radiator
11. Lower hose of a radiator
12. Fan
13. Fan motor
14. Fan casing

Cooling pump

1. Cooling system pump
2. Belt pulley of the water pump
3. A flange to the thermostat (before assembly cover with liquid sealant, for example, of Loctite)
4. A flange to the block of cylinders
(before assembly cover with liquid sealant, for example, of Loctite)
5. Flange of a belt pulley

Cooling system volume
7,1 l
The provision of traffic jams of air and drain vents on the diesel engine:
  – a stopper of a drain opening on the engine
in front at the left, 70 N. of m
  – stopper of an air vent
at the left in front on an inlet collector
Thermostat of the diesel engine


The beginning can be various depending on thermostat type.

Beginning of opening
88 °C
End of opening
100 °C
Thermoswitch installation site
in a branch pipe of cooling liquid which the lower hose of a radiator joins (though, for different modifications, options are possible)
Temperature of inclusion of a temovyklyuchatel
90 °C
Temperature of switching off of a temovyklyuchatel
88 °C