3.3.24. Beginning of giving of the fuel pump of high pressure

The moment of the beginning of giving of TNVD surely should be regulated after a tension, removal or replacement of a gear belt, and also after weakening of threaded connections on TNVD or gear wheels of a gear belt.

The moment of the beginning of giving of TNVD can be checked on the installed or removed engine. Here check on the installed engine is described. Check will require the measuring device with a nozzle for installation in the pump.

Check conditions

The gear belt is tense.

The mechanism of gas distribution is adjusted correctly.

The engine is heated-up up to the operational temperature. The arrow of the index of temperature of cooling liquid indicates the middle of a scale.


1. Muffle ignition.
2. Turn drafts of the device of cold start clockwise.
3. Insert small wooden whetstone (1), 15 mm thick between a pusher of the device of cold start and driving draft.
4. Turn the crankshaft on two turns in the direction of rotation of the engine to bring the device of cold start to the normal state.
5. Install the crankshaft in the provision of VMT of the piston of the 1st cylinder. For this purpose the white tag (2) has to be opposite to an arrow (3).
6. Weaken cap nuts of a fuel-supply line of high pressure on the pump a pro-carved cap key. At the same time hold the valve a simple key.
7. Turn out a carving stopper (a test opening) on TNVD cover.
8. Screw instead of a stopper a nozzle with the dial the measuring device (limits of measurements of 0-3,0 mm) (4), for example, of NISSAN KV-11.229.352.
9. Expose a scale so that the arrow stood between values 1,0 and 2,0 of mm.
10. Turn the crankshaft counterclockwise on 20 ° –25 ° before VMT. Check that the nozzle was established correctly. Expose a scale of the measuring device on 0 mm.
11. Turn the crankshaft clockwise and install it on 9 °posl of VMT. The yellow tag (1) costs opposite to the index (3) now (see fig. above). The measuring device has to show TNVD piston stroke now. The required value: 0,79–0,85 mm.


If the measured size lies in admissible limits, no adjustment is required any more. If new adjustment is made, it is necessary to establish value of 0,82 mm.


1. If the measured size does not coincide with the required value, slightly weaken 4 fixing nuts and a bolt of TNVD.
2. Turn the pump until the device shows the required value.
3. The measured value is less than demanded: turn a pump housing from the engine
4. The measured value is more than demanded: turn a pump housing to the engine
5. Tighten alternately bolts and nuts of fastening of TNVD.
6. Repeat check of the moment of the beginning of giving, if necessary adjust.
7. Tighten nuts of fastening of the pump with 15 N.' effort of m, and bolts with 55 N.' effort of m.
8. Turn out a nozzle with the measuring device and screw a stopper with new laying with 15 N.' effort of m. At an untight stopper tighten m to 20 N.
9. Screw fuel-supply lines of high pressure with 25 N.' effort of m.
10. Remove air from fuel system.