3.3.4. Valves


1. Remove a head of cylinders.
2. Remove a cam-shaft.


If old details of the distributive mechanism them are established it is necessary to establish on old places. Not to mix a detail, it is recommended to prepare the special place for an apportion of details.

3. Take out dish-shaped pushers and spread out them according to adjusting situation.
4. Remove springs of valves. For removal of conic crackers and at the same time valves with springs use the special grabber of springs of valves.
5. Squeeze springs of valves and take out conic crackers.
6. Weaken and remove the grabber of valves.
7. Take out the valve.
8. Take out the top plate of springs, springs and the lower plates of springs.
9. Remove maslootrazhatelny caps of cores of valves.


1. If are established old the valve and an old head of cylinders, before assembly check guides of valves.
2. If new valves are installed in an old head, it is necessary to process saddles of valves in a head of cylinders and to make grinding in of valves.
3. Clear valves of the deposit remains by means of a shaber and a wire brush.
4. Oil all dish-shaped pushers engine and insert into the corresponding openings.
5. Establish ravpredvat.
6. Replace laying of a head of cylinders, establish a head of cylinders.
7. If it is required, adjust a gap of valves.