3.3.20. Power supply system

Power supply system elements

1. Emergency brake
2. Fuel filter
3. Drain crane
5. Perepuskna valve
6. Shtekerny connection of the valve of interruption in supply of fuel
7. System of cold start
8. Valve of management of fuel return
9. Damper
10. Pipeline

Treat a power supply system: the fuel tank, fuel-supply lines, the fuel pump of high pressure (FPHP) with nozzles and the fuel filter. The current reserve of fuel is reflected in the index of level of fuel. The fuel tank is equipped with system of ventilation. If the fuel tank is empty of a power supply system it is necessary to remove air.


To check at complicated a starter whether fuel to injection gates moves, it is necessary to weaken cap nuts on two gates and to start the engine without preliminary heat until fuel acts on cap nuts. Tighten cap nuts and start the engine according to the instruction.

1. If fuel does not give in, it is necessary to remove air from system following in the way.
2. Fill TNVD with diesel fuel.
3. Fill with fuel the fuel filter.
4. Tow the car.
5. Thanks to these measures bystry removal of air from system is reached.
6. During the works with a power supply system follow rules of purity.
7. Besides, you watch that diesel fuel did not flow on hoses of cooling liquid.
8. If necessary hoses should be cleared at once.
9. The corroded hoses should be replaced.