3.3.5. Replacement of maslootrazhatelny caps of a core of the valve

Too strong consumption of oil can be caused by worn-out caps of cores of valves. Caps of cores of valves can be removed without removal of a head of cylinders, special adaptation for this purpose will be required. If there is no special adaptation, it is necessary to remove a head of tsilndr.


1. Remove a head of cylinders.
2. Remove valves.
3. Take out caps of cores of valves. For removal flat-nose pliers are required. With dish-shaped pushers workshops use special devices to engines. Old caps sit, as a rule, very tight. Therefore the shock stripper whenever possible has to be applied to removal.


Do not use the screw-driver to removal since tozhno to damage the place of landing of a cap.


1. Before installation of valves check guides of the valve and perhaps process or grind in saddles of valves.
2. Slightly grease new caps of cores of valves (3) and put on guides of valves (4).
3. Put a cap a suitable mandrel (1) against the stop (2 – a plate of a valve spring). The distance 5 has to be: 15,2 mm.


If there is no special mandrel, establish a cap by means of the hammer and a suitable tube. The tube has to have the same diameter as well as a cap and should not have keen edges.

4. Insert springs of valves with the top and lower plates and squeeze. The narrow end of a spring has to be turned to a head of cylinders.
5. Insert conic crackers, unclench springs of valves.
6. In the same way replace all caps of cores of valves.
7. Install valves.
8. Establish a head of cylinders.