13.3.1. Elimination of small scratches on a body

If scratch is only superficial and does not get into body metal, it is very simple to eliminate it.

1. Wipe area around scratch with means for restoration of paint or process very small polishing paste to eliminate the lagged behind paint from scratch and to clear a surrounding surface of a wax covering.
2. Wash out this area clear water.
3. Apply new paint on scratch by means of a thin brush; continue to apply paint coats until the surface of paint on scratch is flush with surrounding paint.
4. Wait within at least two weeks until paint hardens, then mix it with surrounding paint, having processed area of scratch recovery solution or very small polishing paste.
5. Then put wax polishing.

If scratch got into body metal, having caused a metal rust, it is necessary to use other method.

1. Remove a rust from a scratch bottom by means of a knife edge, then put a layer of anticorrosive paint for prevention of formation of a rust in the future.
2. By means of a rubber or nylon small brush fill scratch with primer.
3. If it is necessary, primer can be mixed with a thinner for formation of very liquid paste which perfectly is suitable for filling of thin scratches.
4. Before primer hardens, wrap up a piece of soft cotton fabric around a finger.
5. Lower a finger in a thinner, and quickly carry out by him on the surface of primer on scratch, it is necessary in order that the surface of primer was a little concave.
6. Scratch then can be painted over.